ARCHIE Loveridge is an electric karting sesation.

The nine-year-old from Ledbury has just won his sixth consecutive championship within the Global Karting League.

His mother Samantha Loveridge said: "After a very successful bambino karting journey Archie made the leap to cadets in May 2022. Racing faster karts and older, more experienced drivers.

"What we thought would be the start of getting to grips learning the new karts and building on his race craft, Archie took us by complete surprise by going out in his first ever cadet race and winning. Archie has gone from strength to strength since and after recently winning two championships (2023 GKL Northern Champion & 2023 GKL National Champion) has now made this his 6th consecutive championship win within Global Karting League ( formerly total karting zero) which is engineered by Rob smedley (ex engineer for Ferrari & Williams)

"Also in the last year Archie has took up the challenge of racing his own petrol powered kart. Completely different driving styles between the two but Archie doesn’t let it faze him and also been achieving awesome results where the grid sizes can be 20-30 kids in a race.

"He recently became the 2023 MBKC Gold Cup Winner.

"In 2024 if we can secure some sponsorship backing, Archie is hoping to compete in the UK’s major British Karting Championship racing his own petrol powered kart."