A 12-year-old boy has seen his vision for a new pump track come to life.

Olly Clueit, from Bishop’s Frome, wrote to the parish council with an idea to create a mountain bike track in the village.

Mum Jane said Olly, who was 11 at the time, had been ready to go out with a spade and build his own ramp, but after being told he may have to ask for permission, came up with a more ambitious idea.

Ledbury Reporter: Olly was invited to a carol concert in London because of his community workOlly was invited to a carol concert in London because of his community work (Image: Jane Clueit)

“He spent hours researching, planning and making design ideas, and presented his research to Bishops Frome Parish Council both in writing and at a meeting, who then wonderfully supported his ideas and put the pump track build in motion,” said Mrs Clueit.

“Olly worked incredibly hard over the summer helping with the build, sculpting and compacting the track, and even made signs to help riders stay safe on the track.

“We were really lucky to have some other incredibly kind people give their time and mountain bike expertise to help with the build during the summer.

“We held a lovely gathering to celebrate the pump track build, which lots of local families attended.

Ledbury Reporter: Olly making full use of the pump trackOlly making full use of the pump track (Image: Jane Clueit)

“Olly has been out there constantly on his bike since it was built and lots of other children use it, too. And because we have parking facilities the park is a great place to park up for a walk - it’s all helping to keep people active.”

For his work in creating the pump track, Olly, who goes to John Masefield High School, was nominated by the Lord Lieutenant of Herefordshire to attend a carol concert at Westminster Abbey in December, hosted by The Princess of Wales. 

Mrs Clueit said it was “a very special day and an experience he will never forget”.

“It’s been such a wonderful journey, showing him and others that your voice and ideas can be heard and how sometimes the little ideas can make a big difference. It’s brilliant that we now have this great facility in our village and we are so grateful for the support given by the parish council.”

You can follow the journey of the Bishop’s Frome Coronation Bike Track on Instagram at www.instagram.com/bishopsfromebiketrack