A TALENTED photographer from Ledbury is offering to capture your event on camera.

Lee Sanders, 57, got his first camera for a foreign holiday when he was 10 years old and has been passionate about capturing images on camera ever since.

He works full time as a driving instructor but is offering to come along and take pictures of your event for free whenever time permits.

He has pictured in the past Ledbury Carnival, Battle of Ledbury reenactment, Ledbury Rugby football club women's touch rugby and a and Ledbury football charity match

Lee said: "My hobby/passion in my spare time is wildlife photography but I am open to all types of photography, I'm just happy snapping photos and have been from aged 10.

"If there is anyone in or around Ledbury organising a non profitable town, club or sporting event in 2024 and would like the event photographed for free (subject to my work schedule).

"I am more than willing to give my time to help promote your event and happy for the photos to be used on social media etc (with a little name credit to me of course)."

As one of the 12 finalists of the BBC Countryfile 2024 Children in Need calendar Lee knows how to take a good photograph or two.

He uses EOS 90D mainly with a Sigma 500mm F4 lens and is CBR checked.

Contact Lee at email: lsmdriving@live.co.uk

Or text/call 07710637254