AN ATTACKER who assaulted a paramedic and police officers has been handed a community order.

Judy Moses entered guilty pleas to three counts of assault by beating of an emergency worker when she appeared before magistrates in January.


The court heard from prosecutor Thomas Wickstead that the 27-year-old, of Mabels Furlong, Ledbury, had assaulted two police officers and a paramedic who were all acting in the course of their duties by beating in an incident in Worcester on October 14.

Moses, who was represented at the hearing by defence solicitor Ian Parsons, was handed a 24-month community order for the offence, with magistrates in Worcester saying that they had taken her guilty plea to the charge into account, but that the penalty had been increased to reflect the fact that the offences were committed against emergency workers.

She was also fined £120 and ordered to pay compensation of £50 to each of the victims. No order was made for prosecution costs or a victim surcharge to be paid due to her lack of means and to allow compensation to take priority.