A HOSPITAL in Hereford has unveiled a new department.

The Nuffield Health Hospital in Venns Lane has opened a radiology department with a dedicated ultrasound suite.

Richard Wells, the health systems director at the hospital, said: “We’re pleased to announce the opening of our newly refurbished radiology department here at our Nuffield Health Hereford Hospital.

"People will benefit when they are referred to us for a musculoskeletal ultrasound as the new portable ultrasound equipment has a higher axial resolution than an MRI and is therefore better to assess soft tissue abnormalities such as tendon tears.

"Keeping our hospital services at the very forefront for our patients and employees is something we’re extremely passionate about.

"We’ll be celebrating 50 years as a hospital in May 2024, so this investment really demonstrates our commitment and ambition for the upcoming years."


The privately-owned hospital's refurbished radiology department includes a newly installed X-ray room, diagnostics equipment, an ultrasound suite and a brand-new portable ultrasound machine.

The upgraded equipment offers all types of general radiography including spine stitching and leg-length X-rays.

Patients with joint pain will benefit from both X-ray and ultrasound-guided musculoskeletal steroid injections which help reduce inflammation and can improve their mobility.

The new portable ultrasound machine also gives patients the flexibility of staying in their hospital bed while an ultrasound is being performed. The probe can be placed directly over the source of pain and patients aren’t required to lie still as they would with an MRI scan. The new machine provides real-time imaging that can be used to accurately guide diagnostic and therapeutic injections into joints and soft tissues.