Ledbury Carnival has launched a ‘Recruitment Drive’ ready for its 50th Carnival in August.

2024 is going to be an extra special year for the carnival celebrating 50 golden years of community pride and fun.

The entire town of Ledbury shows its best self with the wonderful carnival.

Having lost a few committee members over recent years it is becoming more difficult to organise such an event with so few members.

Many committee members are Multi-Tasking and as such are taking on more roles and areas of responsibility.

The Entertainments Co-ordinator has been forced to take up the role of Acting Secretary until a replacement can be found, whilst the Treasurer is also covering ‘Stalls Bookings and Management’. Other committee members are in a similar position.

We also need volunteers to support the various roles and to provide back-up on the day.

Please contact either Jan on 07858 599 037 or Sue on 07747 611 717.

We meet at the Methodist Church Rooms in Bye Street on the 1st Monday of each month, so either pop in and speak to us or give us a call.

It is also likely that a couple of senior committee members will be leaving after this year’s event, making it doubly important to get new members on board to continue this much loved Annual event into the future.