NO solution has been agreed for flooding on a road near a farm in Herefordshire, with the council being pushed to take action.

Minutes of a meeting of How Caple, Sollershope and Yatton Parish Council say that flooding on the B4224 near Chantry Farm has been reported to Balfour Beatty multiple times, but "a preventative solution has not been agreed".

However, signs have been put up to warn drivers of potential floods.

The minutes say that there are two drains in the road that are in need of assessment in connection with the flooding.


Documentation recording the January 9 meeting reads: "Members were advised that the flooding on the B4224 near Chantry Farm at Perrystone has been reported multiple times to Balfour Beatty Living Places. Signs have been erected but a preventative solution has not been agreed. It was noted tat there are two drains in the road that could be assessed. Councillor Durkin asked the clerk to forward copies of emails."

It also said: "A member of the public asked if the parish council could do anything to address agricultural drainage with landowners to protect roads from flooding. Councillor Durkin suggested that the clerk meet the locality steward as it may be possible for him to contact landowners and ask if it is feasible to install a ditch or land drain."

This year, Herefordshire was hit hard by Storm Henk, with many roads closed due to being inaccessible and unsafe. The B4224 was one of the affected roads, with the council closing it off amid flood and weather warnings in January.