WHEN it comes to gardening and handyman jobs you can rely on Wendy Handy-Walker to do the very best of work.

As an all female operative there is nothing Wendy won't take on.

We took time out to chat to Wendy about her brilliant business.

What is your name?

Wendy Handy-Walker

What is the name of your business?

My Handy Gardener

What service do you offer?

Garden maintenance, Handyman (person) and general odd jobs.

How did you get into gardening?

I was born on a farm and with green fingers due to my grandfather and my dad always working in the garden to produce wonderful fruit, vegetables and flowers. They both won awards at local shows for their produce and encouraged me to develop those skills. Also, my dad was a keen ''make do and mend' type of man and he taught me how to fix and work on many different things. I have always dreamt of doing something creative and I'm loving doing this within every aspect of my business, plus I also get to put some good natural repairs to work when I help the wildlife and protect our wonderful environment.

Is there a big demand for a female gardener?

Yes there's definitely room for us all to work together, there are quite a lot of older or vulnerable people with gardens that they can't manage themselves, but want to enjoy them. They often feel more comfortable with a female 'workman', especially a knowledgeable and approachable one.

What is the strangest thing you have been asked for at My Handy Gardener? One customer has asked me if to dig up the same plant 5 times to move it, fortunately, it didn't mind moving and still survives now!

But, the strangest one, was asking for every sock that was dug up to be added to a pile ... This garden had the best part of 50 of them, I'm really not sure there was one whole matching pair to be found in any of them, I also didn't ask what they were going to do with them afterwards! (Dogs bury the weirdest things!)

What is Ledbury like as a town to operate in?

We love working in Ledbury, there is such a diverse range of gardens, wildlife and their owners are always very friendly and open to suggestions in regards to conservation as well.

Anything else you would like to add?

Gardening is a fantastic way to relieve stress and anxiety, I've suffered with anxiety for many years, as has my wife also, but we have found that we both relax, really enjoy helping other people create their own happy space and we are grateful they allow us to do this for them too, it's a privilege.

To contact My Handy Gardener email: info@myhandygardener.com