EMERGENCY crews were called out to reports of people stuck in tunnels under the Greyfriars Bridge in Hereford.

Four fire crews, from Hereford, Ewyas Harold, and Peterchurch fire stations, were joined by the Gloucestershire rope rescue team to carry out a rescue from depth at the bridge just after 4.30pm on February 13.

A fire service spokesperson said they were called to reports of people stuck in the tunnel system beneath the bridge.

"The incident was sectorised and a search of all the tunnels was carried out but no persons were found," the spokesperson said.

Police and paramedics were also on scene, the fire service confirmed.


Fire alarm

A spokesperson from Peterchurch fire station said another call came in after they were released from the Greyfriars Bridge incident, with firefighters called to a commercial property in Rotherwas.

The second incident was found to be an alarm operating due to a faulty sensor. Advice was given and the incident handed over to security.

We are seeking further information on the Greyfriars Bridge incident.