HEREFORDSHIRE boasts some of the country's most beautiful towns and villages, but as one of the oldest counties, they don't always have the easiest names to pronounce.

We asked you to list the most mispronounced names in the county, and you did not disappoint. Below are just some of your picks.


Ledbury Reporter: Leominster in summertime by Jon Simpson of the Hereford Times Camera Club

The town takes its name from the English word minster, meaning a community of clergy and the original Celtic name for the district Leon or Lene, probably in turn from an Old Welsh root lei to flow.

However, many people who are not from Herefordshire believe it is pronounced Leo-minster.



Ledbury Reporter:

Weobley is one of the most beautiful villages in Herefordshire and is part of the north-Herefordshire. However, when you see the name it's to mispronounce it, with many people saying Weo-bley or Wobbly, not knowing that the o is silent. 

Stretton Sugwas

Ledbury Reporter:

Situated just four miles outside of Hereford, Stretton Sugwas is home to a primary school, church, village hall and a beautiful quarry featuring a pool. However, a lot of people don't realise that the w is silent, so instead pronounce it Sug-was. 

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Ledbury Reporter:

Near to Stretton Sugwas is Credenhill, home to the famous SAS. However, it is constantly mispronounced Crede-en-hill.

Ewyas Harold

Ledbury Reporter: The Temple Bar Inn has won an international award

Harold is obviously easy to say, but Ewyas stumps a lot of people.


With Herefordshire so close to Wales, some Welsh-sounding places are in the county. This includes Bagwyllydiart, which lies between Kentchurch, Orcop, and Garway. Good luck to anyone who can pronounce it.

Ocle Pychard

When you look at it carefully, this village between Hereford and Bromyard shouldn't be difficult to pronounce. However, it can stump a few people.


Ledbury Reporter: Experts have discovered Bishop Charles Booth wrote a letter to a colleague in 1520, saying he hoped he would be "merry this Christmas". Picture: SWNS

Surprisingly, Hereford makes the list, even though it's famous for its cattle, cathedral and cider. However, we've all heard people say Here-ford, especially over the pond in America.

Other places chosen include Leintwardine, Eardisley, Pontrilas and Rotherwas.