Thousands of full baths worth of water have been saved by Severn Trent customers by getting their leaks fixed for free.

Clients used the Vyn app to easily report leaks around their homes and managed to save over a million litres of water, or 3,300 full baths since April 2023, which could have been lost as a result of common household leaks.

Besides being environmentally beneficial, reducing water waste has a significant financial impact for customers on a water meter.


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Typical leak sites such as showers, taps, and toilets, if left unfixed, can inflate water bills remarkably.

For instance, a dripping tap can add an extra £90 every year, while a leaking toilet can contribute an additional £300 annually to water costs.

Accessible through the Severn Trent website, Vyn is a free platform for both Apple and Android users where customers can take short videos of their problems and send them directly to an engineer.

This starts a process where the videos are reviewed and the customer is contacted to arrange a repair visit, all without charging a penny.

Sophie Evans-Young, customer demand lead at Severn Trent, said: "With our busy lives, it’s really easy to put off making repairs to things like leaking taps, toilets or showers, but by getting these appliances fixed, people could make a substantial saving on their water bill.

"The Vyn platform is really straightforward to use and means that you don’t have to try and explain the issue over the phone. Our engineers can review the videos and will be back in touch to arrange a visit to see if we can make a repair on the spot.”

A Severn Trent customer who recently moved into a new build, shared her positive experience of using the Vyn service.

She said: "The process is so easy, you just open the link, put in some basic info and hit the record button to film the leak.

"I had a call from Severn Trent who sent out an engineer within a couple of days and was able to fix the leak there and then."