Dr Michael Mosley has weighed in on checking your phone in the morning and guess what, you should do it before anything else.

The health guru also recommended changing a setting on your phone which could help you lose weight.

The renowned creator of the Fast-800 diet has previously spoken of the benefits of bright light early in the morning.

Mosley explained how light first thing, including an early-morning walk, kickstarts your body.

He recommends a brisk 30-minute walk or even just time in your garden or throwing open your curtains to 'reset your body clock' first thing.

In the MailOnline, the health guru said there is: "mounting evidence that being exposed to bright light in the evening not only disrupts your sleep but can lead to weight gain".

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Dr Mosley quoted one study in the US which showed that people eating an evening meal under bright light saw an increase in insulin resistance which over time could lead to weight gain.

Another study found that pregnant women exposed to bright light three hours before bedtime were at higher risk of developing gestational diabetes.

Dr Minjee Kim, assistant professor of neurology at Northwestern University, who carried out this study, said: "I switch off unnecessary lights and try to dim the light as much as possible.

"For evening activities such as dinner and bathing the kids, you don’t need bright light." She added that with phones, tablets and laptops you should avoid using them in the evenings - and if you have to, reduce the brightness as much as possible.

Dr Mosley said: "Our remote ancestors rose with the dawn and huddled round the campfire at night. So it’s not surprising that light, how much you are exposed to and when, has such a profound effect on our mind and bodies."