Rural Media has premiered its Ukrainian/Herefordian crossover short film at Borderlines Film Festival 2024.

The Hereford-based company recently showcased their short film, Razom/Разом/Together, across two sold-out screenings.

The film sheds light on an important relationship between the Ukrainian and Herefordian communities.

Over the preceding six months, Rural Media engaged young creatives to depict the experiences of young Ukrainians living in Herefordshire through a fictional narrative.

Under the curriculum created by a team of creatives at Rural Media, Ukrainian filmmaker Lesya Pushyk tutored the group on visual storytelling and conveying real experiences.

The Razom short film celebrates the warm reception Ukrainian immigrants have received in Herefordshire.

It derived from the valuable connections, stories, and friendships the team formed, vividly displaying the importance of community and hospitality amid harrowing circumstances.

Ledbury Reporter: The film sheds light on an important relationship between the Ukrainian and Herefordian communities

Discussing the project, Rachel Lambert, Rural Media’s director/producer said: "The Razom film-making project is all about creativity, collaboration, and friendship.

"We asked a great deal of every member of our group, and they answered in spades with their commitment and energy.

"Most of them arrived as strangers and all became friends.

"It takes bravery to come together and share difficult experiences at such a vulnerable age, but having the confidence and motivation to channel the resulting feelings into creative work is extraordinary and commendable.

"I am hugely proud of each and every one of our young participants and of the work they have produced together."

Lesya Pushyk, Ukrainian filmmaker and Razom director shared her proud sentiments: "Children are our future, the future for families, countries, and societies.

"The Razom project not only united children from Ukraine and England but also served as a healer for Ukrainian children, as friendship is the best medicine.

"Through the project, children became friends, learned to create a single product, learned to negotiate, and simultaneously share roles and work.

"On the project, they were happy.

"I am genuinely proud of how, over these months, the children have acquired skills, become confident in themselves, confident that they can create something new and interesting."

This successful project affirms the positive effects of collaboration and cultural exchange on young creatives.