CONCERNS about traffic were highlighted in Ledbury's biggest ever youth survey.

County councillor Steph Simmons said more than 600 young people responded and many who walked to John Masefield High School were concerned about the increase in traffic.

She said: “It was very interesting to see what the young people want to see.

"There were the usual demands for fast food restaurants from the youngsters but the surprise was their concern for the build-up of traffic on our roads.

"I think a lot of them walk to John Masefield High School and they were worried about the great increase in traffic along the journey. They also asked for a ‘safe-space’ without activities to ‘hang out’ with their friends. I will be helping ensure their voices are heard.”

She added: “We are getting some great feedback and I have been inspired and surprised by what Ledbury children and teens have to say. The responses will help local organisations engage with our young people and it is hoped the information collected will help access funds to provide the things they want and need. I will be supporting these efforts and try to ensure Ledbury’s younger voices are heard in council decision making processes.

The survey is part of a bigger project to find out young peoples’ point of view about growing up in Ledbury, their current needs and ambitions for their future.

It is being carried out by Rural Media, with support from Ledbury Town Council, Herefordshire Council Talk Community, local schools and other organisations.

There have been more than 600 responses to the online survey from those aged nine to 18, with follow-up events held over the last week at St Katherine’s Hall, The Poetry House and the Rugby Club.

This gave the Rural Media team time to engage with young people in creating art work, conduct one-to-one interviews and produce photographic portraits.

Rural Media’s work has shown that young people are increasingly isolated, with lack of access to services and opportunities and vastly underrepresented in cultural and democratic processes across the county.