HEREFORDSHIRE Council made millions of pounds from its car parks last year.

In a freedom of information request sent by the Hereford Times, the council said it made a profit of £3,581,952.84 from 41 car parks. 

Seventy-three percent was made in Hereford, which accumulated for £2,616,441.94 of the total profit made. The car park that made the council the most money was Merton Meadow (£409,239.71), followed by the Garrick multi-storey (£392,180.99), Gaol Street (325,145.67) and West Street (£267,531.35). 


In the market towns, The Maltings (£141,881.55) made the most money in Ross-on-Wye, while Leominster's and Ledbury's were Etnam Street (£110,030.34) and St Katherines (£188,067.88) respectively. The only car park in Kington where you have to pay is Mill Street, which made the council £10,003.71, while Bromyard's car parks are owned by the Town Council. 

Below is how much profit Herefordshire Council made for each car park



  • Total: £2,616,441.94

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Total: £358,102.44



  • Total: £313,249.65



Total: £287,236.74


Total: £3,922.07