SEVERAL streets in Hereford city centre will close while planters are moved next week.

Bridge Street, Union Street, Gaol Street, High Town, St Owen Street, Broad Street and King Street will all be shut at various times between 6pm and 11pm from April 29 to May 3.

Moving the planters is part of the preparations for the upcoming May Fair from May 7 to 9.


The roads will again be closed during the same times from May 10 to 13 so the planters can be put back in position.

The planters cost £100,000 – part of a £750,000 grant from the Government – and were put in place in 2021.

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Herefordshire Council was aiming to create a more attractive environment in the city.

Justifying the cost, the council said planters provided "the opportunity to minimise ongoing revenue costs through incorporation of watering and 'feeding' systems".

The green space enhancement project was split into two parts, one of which the council dubbed "city centre landmark trees".