A group of volunteers worked on the restoration of an area of Dymock.

The team of 25 tackled the wildflower bank at the heart of the Golden Triangle on April 20. They removed unwanted garden daffodils and cleared brash from along the fence line with RoseHill farm land.

This work was the start of a year-long grassland restoration project led by the Friends of Beauchamps Arms (FoBA), a pub owned by the parish council.

The restoration effort uncovered a historical Estate fence estimated to have been dating to the 19th century during the ownership of the 6th Earl Beauchamp.

The Earl's family owned most tenancies in Dymock, Redmarley and the Leadon Vale until they were auctioned off in July 1919.

The restoration team's objective is to promote biodiversity, beginning with restoring the habitat for Dymock daffodils.

These daffodils have grown in the ancient hedgerows since the last ice age, around 10,000 years ago.

RoseHill farm owners Mark and Annie Bennion supported the team's efforts.

Gill Kilmurray, Parish and District Councillor at the Forest of Dean, coordinated the project between various groups including NGOs, the authority and landowners.

The team included individuals from the Dymock biodiversity programme to parish council chairman Tony Eagle, who took part using his lightweight tractor trailer.

Workers enjoyed a mid-task snack provided by the pub, which included coffee, bacon sandwiches, chips, and waffles, provided by Matt at the pub.

Future plans for the bank's restoration will begin in the early summer and include mowing the grass verge, planting native annuals on the steep bank, and seeding with hay in August to encourage native meadow species which will serve as food for butterflies and bees.

The authorities aim to integrate Beauchamps Bank with the Daffodil Way footpath, extending as far south as Boyce Court in the Dymock ward.

Meanwhile, the SevernTreescapes programme with partners including Forestry England will continue their joint efforts across the catchment area of the River Leadon.

Individuals interested in the project can register their interest at dyfradaffs@gn.apc.org.