MORE CCTV cameras could be coming to a Herefordshire town.

The move comes as Leominster looks to make its streets safer, and if it goes ahead, will use funding provided by Herefordshire Council and earmarked reserves. 

Recently published minutes reveal that the town's Safer Streets 5 funding will cover additional street lighting in The Grange and Sydonia park, with CCTV in one of the locations. 

Four councillors voted to install CCTV at The Grange, while 12 voted to install it at Sydonia. 


The minutes said the clerk will investigate how the town council can obtain additional CCTV for The Grange, with a suggestion made that CCTV could be included in the Grange Masterplan.

The Sydonia site has suffered from vandalism and antisocial behaviour over recent years, with incidents including criminal damage to play equipment and scrambler bikes being ridden around the play area.

Early last year police told Leominster Town Council that they were aware of problems with drug use in the town and had been carrying out undercover work in the Sydonia area to tackle the issue.

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It was at the time suggested that funding could be investigated to improve lighting at the park.

Where are Leominster's CCTV cameras?

There are currently council-operated CCTV cameras in six spots in Leominster, according to Herefordshire Council.

They are at the junction of Broad Street and Church Street, the junction of West Street and Rainbow Street, the junction of Westbury Street and Dishley Street, the junction of Etnam Street and High Street, Corn Square, and The Grange. 

There are currently no cameras at the Sydonia park.