Herefordshire is split neatly into two parliamentary constituencies – North Herefordshire, which includes the market towns of Kington, Bromyard, Leominster and Ledbury; and Hereford & South Herefordshire, which includes Ross-on-Wye.

Both are currently held by Conservatives with sizeable majorities, Sir Bill Wiggin in the northern seat (majority 24,856 in the 2019 general election, with a 63 per cent share of the vote), and Jesse Norman in the city and south (majority 19,686, 61 per cent vote share). Both intend to stand again on July 4.

But with the Conservatives trailing badly in the polls nationally, few if any of their seats can be considered safe this time around.

Against Sir Bill, confirmed candidates in North Herefordshire are:

  • Jon Browning (Labour)
  • Ellie Chowns (Green)
  • Andrew Dye (Reform UK)
  • Cat Hornsey (Liberal Democrats)

In Hereford & South Herefordshire, Jesse Norman will face

  • Nigel Ely (Reform UK)
  • Dan Powell (Liberal Democrats)
  • Diana Toynbee (Green)

Labour have yet to announce their candidate here.


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A YouGov poll last month suggested Sir Bill would have a reduced but still comfortable majority, with 37 per cent of the vote – helped by a four-way split between Labour (21 per cent), the Liberal Democrats and Reform UK (both 14 per cent) and Greens (13 per cent).

The Greens meanwhile maintain that their own doorstep polling indicates they are in close contention with Sir Bill, in what is one of their four target seats to win nationally.

In Hereford and South Herefordshire, YouGov put Mr Norman on 34 per cent, just five percentage points above Labour on 29 per cent.

But a similarly timed poll by Survation gave Labour a 1 per cent lead here.