The Greens claim that they are within touching distance of winning Conservative MP Sir Bill Wiggin’s North Herefordshire seat.

The party says it has now polled 4,448 voters in the constituency via “doorstep conversations” since the start of the year, revealing that while 39 per cent intend voting Conservative, the tally for the Greens is just a whisker behind, at 38 per cent.

It says it has blended the figures with data from political analytics site Electoral Calculus to put Reform UK in third place in North Herefordshire on 14 per cent, while Labour and the LibDems languish on five and four per cent respectively.


Electoral Calculus’ own prediction for the seat is that Sir Bill will comfortably hold it with 38 per cent of the vote, followed by Labour on 28 per cent and the Greens third on 11 per cent.

Earlier predictions made by pollsters YouGov and Survation also show the seat as a comfortable Tory hold.


But Green candidate for the seat Ellie Chowns has said these outcomes are simply extrapolated from national polling data and “do not include any consideration of what is happening on the ground in places with strong local campaigns”.

Her latest campaign videos feature food writer, broadcaster and restaurateur Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, a Green party member.

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“Ellie has a real shot at winning in North Herefordshire,” he says. “We need Green MPs to hold the next government to account on green policies.”

The party has made North Herefordshire one of its four target seats to win nationally on July 4.

Today (May 29) its deputy leader Zack Polanski is joining Ellie Chowns' campaign in Wellington Heath north of Ledbury.