Ledbury is set to host a discussion about what we want from our food as part of the Great Big Green Week across the UK.

The event, on Monday (June 10), is being organised by the Herefordshire Food Alliance.

To be held at the Burgage Hall, the meeting will give community members the chance to express their views on food and its production.

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Among the topics to be explored are what we grow, how we grow it, food choices, and who takes the lead in making these decisions.

The event forms a central part of Herefordshire’s Greener Footprints Week.

The annual event, now in its third year, ties in with the nationwide Great Big Green Week.

Each year focuses on a theme connected to making daily eco-friendlier choices for the environment.

Following the Monday night townhall event, Tuesday offers a networking breakfast for businesses at The Shell Store in Skylon Park.

Key figures from businesses in the area, including Mark Green and Sean Mason of Herefordshire’s Two Farmers Crisps, will be sharing insights from their sustainability journey.

Presentations from other businesses in the network, such as Wye Valley Brewery and The Courtyard, will also feature.

Other presentations will tackle subjects such as electric vehicle provision in Herefordshire, efficient waste handling, energy-saving initiatives, and grant funding.

Greener Footprints aims to empower everyone who lives, works, or owns a business in the county, and spur on effective schemes that combat climate change and conserve the county's wealth of natural habitats and wildlife.

Over the years, it has gathered numerous pledges from the county's residents to make environmental changes.

Initially, only 30 slots were available for participating organisations, however, owing to popular demand, new entries have been accepted via a growing business network.

The week will span from Saturday (June 8) to Sunday, June 16.

During this period, residents are urged to pledge their own swap for the chance to win a new bike.

Anyone interested can find more details and book slots for these events throughout the week.

For more information about the week or the event visit www.herefordshirefoodcharter.org.uk/blog/join-thefoodconversation-in-ledbury.