A free workshop imagining a better future for the planet is coming up in Ledbury.

The event is part of a community project, called Art To Imagine A Better Future, and will take place at Ledbury Community Hub on Wednesday (June 19), from 7pm to 9pm.

Project coordinator Cathy Groves said: "The idea is to ask people to imagine how we would be living in 10 years’ time if we have done everything we can to solve issues like the climate and nature crisis and inequality, and to create a sustainable world for everyone".

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She added: "After a short presentation on the issues and some solutions, we’ll do an imagination session so that we can think about what that better future looks like".

Ms Groves concluded: "Then we’ll invite you to explore how to bring this future to life.

"You can write down what you have imagined as a mini-story or start creating it just think about it and discuss some more".