As the summer holidays and the culinary delights of trips abroad edge closer, Britons have chosen paella as their favourite holiday dish.

In a recent poll of 2,000 Brits by Med deli brand, Unearthed, the Spanish dish won the award with 36 per cent of votes.

It edged out other delectable dishes like tacos, spaghetti carbonara, olives, and chorizo.

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Spanish and Italian cuisine emerged as the preferred choice to recreate at home, with a whopping 70 per cent attempting adopting a Mediterranean diet.

Economic factors and lifestyle changes have seen 78 per cent of those polled reducing their visits abroad and instead investing in creating vacation-inspired spreads in their own kitchens.

However, eight out of every 10 respondents admitted their home-made meals bore no resemblance to the originals, with 29 per cent of those polled describing their attempts as a "fail".

Also polled among the top holiday dishes were beef bourguignon, hummus, and freshly caught calamari.

Greek tzatziki, Turkish baklava, and Italian ravioli also made it to the list.

29 per cent of respondents even said they base their holiday destination choice on its culinary offerings.

Carrie Hollis Patel from Unearthed said: "The research proves Mediterranean flavours are the top choice for Brits, with Spanish and Italian dishes dominating the list of best loved holiday foods. “From a saffron rich seafood paella, to sweet gordal olives, an oozing Spanish tortilla, or creamy spaghetti carbonara – food provokes nostalgia, evoking memories of travel.

"So it is no surprise that Brits are recreating their favourite dishes, at a time when foreign travel is out of reach for many. “We just hope you aren’t one of the 29 percent who have had a holiday recipe disaster.

"If you are, come to our events at Divertimenti Cookery School or try our ready to eat Med deli range it’s fuss free and full of Mediterranean flavour."