ANIMAL rights activists took to the streets on Saturday afternoon to demonstrate against Ledbury research lab Sequani.

Protestors gathered outside Sequani, on the Bromyard Road, at about noon.

About 200 protestors of all ages then marched through the town, with police on motorcycles leading the way and unmarked police cars being used to stop traffic.

Many followed organisers' advice by wearing black and green as they beat drums, waved placards and flags, and sounded airhorns.

The protest remained largely peaceful, although police were seen handcuffing a handful of protestors early on as pushing broke out.

The protestors were in Ledbury to protest against Sequani's use of animals in developing human and veterinary medicines.

The protest, billed as the ‘Carnival Against Vivisection’, was also a show of support for Malvern campaigner Sean Kirtley who was recently jailed for four-and-a-half years for his part in organising a campaign of “intimidation and harassment” against the company’s staff and businesses that Sequani used.

Police riot units were on standby around the town throughout Saturday.