DESPITE severe weather over the Christmas period, more than 50 members of the Ledbury Hunt managed to make it into the town, along with the hounds and hunt staff, for the traditional Boxing Day meet outside the Feathers Hotel in the High Street.

The riders were greeted by a cheering crowd of onlookers, and Ged Lampard, the Lady Joint Master, reminded everyone that hounds have been meeting in Ledbury on Boxing Day since 1833 and thanked everyone for coming along and for their tremendous support since traditional hunting was banned in 2004.

She explained that the hunt continued to go out twice every week during the season but hounds now followed a pre-laid scented trail.

Joint Master Roger Warner reminded everyone that the hunt was again running a three-mile cross-country race from Forthampton to Tirley on New Year's Eve and urged everyone to give support, since this annual event now raises substantial amounts for local charities.

Speaking from an upstairs window of the Feathers Hotel, Donald Haden said that he felt confident that with the huge support of the rural community we could ensure that the Ledbury Foxhounds would continue to meet outside the Feathers Hotel for at least the next one hundred years.

To much cheering the hounds and followers paraded through the town, although it was not possible to actually go hunting because of the snow and icy conditions.