LEDBURY Town Council looks set to accept responsibility for the cutting of verges on the Deer Park estate.

This follows the front page story in the Ledbury Reporter about the row between Herefordshire Council and the town council as to who is responsible for trimming the weeds, some of which have reached 6ft in height.

Now town clerk Karen Mitchell has confirmed there will be a recommendation on the full town council agenda, on Thursday for the town council to trim the verges.

This is due to health and safety concerns, and initially town councillors will be asked to agree to agree to a “one-off” cut.

But they will also be asked to consider supporting a schedule to get the verges trimmed regularly between April and October.

The situation came to the fore when Orchard Place resident, Pauline Powell, pointed out that some of the verges had not been cut for a year.

Herefordshire Council carried out some trimming work last year, but last week insisted that the responsibility for trimming the verges lay with the town council.

Now the town council looks set to agree.

But one town councillor, who did not wish to be named, having released to the Reporter details of the still confidential resolution, did not approve of the move, claiming that it could lead to a rise in the town council’s precept.

He said: “Now we have got to foot the bill, and council tax will be put up for Ledbury Town Council!”