WITH 13 years’ experience helping SMEs deliver messages to active local audiences, Chris Wyse now works as a Digital Marketing Consultant with LOCALiQ.

Throughout September and October Chris is offering free website health checks and marketing consultations and here gives some insight into how this can help you stand out from the crowd.

“This is Cookie, my two year-old Beagle. A destroyer of socks and throughout lockdown during which time I’ve been working from home, my office buddy.

“How can Cookie help your business? Well, truth is this little one can’t (unless you sell socks!).

“However, the cookies your customers leave behind on every internet journey they take certainly can.

“We can use cookies to find out very specific information about potential customers online allowing us to deliver specific advertising messages to people much more likely to be interested and engaged.

“At LOCALiQ we specialise in Digital Marketing Solutions for businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries. We use state of the art technology to target your potential customers.

“We offer professional advert design and creation to ensure the message is on brand and always with a strong call to action. And we track and monitor all response using award winning software.

“Things have changed dramatically in 2020 with businesses facing all new challenges as we all adapt to the ‘new normal’.

“Your customers are now embarking on entirely new ways of finding the products and services they want. Amazon recently recorded a 40 per cent jump in sales with the internet becoming even more important to all industries.

“If the last six months have shown us anything, it is that a strong online presence is absolutely essential whatever trade you’re in.

"Even so 35 per cent of SMEs still don’t have a working website and many who do suffer from poor visibility or a confused marketing strategy.

“That’s where we come in; throughout September and October I’m offering a FREE website health-check and no obligation marketing reviews.

"We can look at where you’re currently going wrong, what you’re doing well and what steps are available to you next to take your business to the next level.

“To book please email me at cwy@localiq.co.uk and in between wrestling those socks back from Cookie, I’ll give you a call and help get you on your way.”

You can find more information on LOCALiQ including products, solutions & case studies at www.localiq.co.uk