A WORCESTERSHIRE infection control company has introduced its own specialist sick pay scheme to help vulnerable employees, clients and patients.

Melton Group, based in Malvern, recognised many part time workers do not always qualify for Statutory Sick Pay.

This means they face a choice between going to work and putting themselves at risk, or staying at home and jeopardising their income.

The Melton Group introduced its own Covid-19 sick pay scheme to protect workers who have to self isolate.

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Melanie Baker, founder and director, said: "I would never want to think of our staff having to make the awful decision whether or not they should go to work, knowing they could have suspected COVID-19.

"It’s not a position we want our team to be put in so that’s why we implemented our Company COVID-19 Sick Pay Scheme.

"They follow the track and trace system, and it has been well received by all parties.

"I know some employers would be perhaps concerned that the system could be open to abuse but for our business it’s further enhanced our positive, employee-focused culture.

"By creating a healthy and caring environment for our staff, we also safeguard any risk of spreading the virus within our client’s premises, through our dedication to infection prevention and control.

"As we enter the autumn months with other seasonal illnesses added into the mix, reducing the spread of COVID-19 is even more important and the responsibility of everyone in society."

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Last month, Melton Group created 38 new jobs including cleaners, team leaders and area supervisors in a number of sectors including schools and the healthcare industry.

Melton Group was established in 2018 and has continually grown, investing heavily in training throughout that time.

The company has links to community groups and charities in the area and is supporting local families with new jobs.

Community groups and charities supported by The Melton Group include Heartstart Malvern, Leonard Cheshire and the Marvellous Malvern Makers, providing resources and premises throughout the crisis.