TWO football clubs in Ledbury have confirmed they are to merge from next season in a move they hope will bring "stability and a clear pathway for all ages within the community".

Ledbury Swifts will merge with Ledbury Town FC to form Ledbury Football Club for the 2024/24 season and beyond.

Swifts FC cater for boys and girls across all junior age groups, competing in the Herefordshire Junior Football League and the Herefordshire Girls Football League.

Town - who have three senior football teams - and Swifts have been working closely in the past couple of years, particularly in junior football.

In 2021, Town formed Ledbury Town Swifts; a team to facilitate youth players coming from the Swifts who were making their first step into adult football.

But now, the two clubs will come together under one name: Ledbury FC.

Town chairman Pete Boyle and Swifts chairman, Mike Seabourne, released a joint statement on Wednesday evening (March 27).

"We are excited to announce the merging of Ledbury Swifts and Ledbury Town to create Ledbury Football Club for the 2024/25 season. This merger will bring stability and a clear pathway for all ages within the community.

"Our clubs have a strong connection and we are confident that joining forces will only enhance football in Ledbury. 

"This merger paves the way for a bright future for our players., from five-year-old beginners to 70-year-old walking footballers. Together, we will continue to grow and provide opportunities for everyone to enjoy the beautiful game.

"We will have more news on what this means for both clubs, and our members, in the near future."