WAS Ledbury’s democracy survey a ‘flop’? That’s a matter of opinion.

Your news report last week gave a commendably accurate summary of the research findings into the low election turnout and the ensuing town council debate, but who, apart from your headline writer, said that the exercise was a failure?

On the contrary, 200 respondents is a good statistical sample from which to draw broad conclusions with reasonable confidence.

Consider that national opinion polls are based on about 1,500 voters, out of an electorate of 46 million – that’s a sample of 0.003%.

The research was a professionally designed survey among a valid sample of the electorate into opinions on voting behaviour and attitudes to Ledbury Town Council.

It wasn’t an official poll. It didn’t cost any public money, but was organised as a voluntary contribution towards local democracy by a single individual. It was the first time any structured research into democratic participation has ever taken place in Ledbury. Why pour scorn on it?

The results are striking, clear cut and useful. In short, local people do care about what the council gets up to, but they want to be kept better informed.

Rich Hadley

Ledbury town councillor

We made a mistake. We accept that our headline was inaccurate and apologise to all affected – the editor