NOT for the first time this afternoon have I been approached by visitors to Ledbury who after 4pm in the day have asked me where they can get a snack and a cup of tea or coffee.

Reason? All the cafes are closed or in the process of closing at 4.30pm.

The last time I bothered to have a quick cuppa at 4.15pm I was told by the member of staff on duty quite sharply, "We are closing in 15 minutes" as though it was a great intrusion to even think of taking a breather and having a quick drink to refresh myself while waiting for the bus.

If this is Ledbury cafe owners' way of encouraging people to come and visit this fair town then their are guilty of gross complacency, in my humble view.

I myself often look for a place to have a coffee in the mornings when I occasionally come into Ledbury to do early shopping, but find many places don't even bother open their doors before 10am.

What is the point of opening at all if you are then closing halfway through the afternoon!

I suggest cafe owners take a trip over the English Channel, where you can get service from at least 8am (if not earlier) to early evening and later.

I am not suggesting the same needs to apply here, but I think if you are going to provide a food and beverage service and attract visitors to the town it would be nice to be open from at least 9am to 5.30pm

Barry Watson