With all due respect to Barry Watson (Letters, May 2) your estimation of the cafes in Ledbury is not strictly correct.

Myself and Claire, the joint owners of the Muse Cafe have, since January been opening at 8.30am every day except Sundays for breakfasts etc.

We stop serving hot food at 4pm but are more than willing to provide drinks and sandwiches etc until 5pm, and should demand warrant it we will look to be open until 6pm at least three days a week.

We also provide a wide range of gluten-free and dairy-free fare.

So may I suggest the next time you are asked if there is somewhere open after 4pm still serving food and drinks, or you find yourself on one of your early-morning forays into Ledbury seeking a coffee and perhaps a breakfast you find your way to our door, where you will be met with a hearty "hello" and excellent service.

Janet Canterdale