I DO hope the question of a lift for our Market House will not be used by the Reporter as a reason to describe us as a 'town divided' again.

It seems to me that once more, we are asking the wrong question.

I don't believe that anyone wants to see the Market House degraded in any way. Nor do I believe that anyone seriously wants to exclude less able members of our community from taking part in local activities which take place there. After all, many if not most of us may become less able as time passes.

The question has to be, is it possible to install a lift in the market house without degrading it in any way?

I'm wondering about a hydraulic platform for example, that could be the landing/turning point of the current stairs.

I am not an engineer, and have no idea if such an approach might be possible. I'd like to know if this or any other non-intrusive option might be available, before anyone asks me to take part in any decision-making.

Please let's leave this either/or approach well behind us.

Let's be grown ups, have some facts and consider some options before we get pushed into some kind of taking sides process.

Nina Shields


This newspaper has no intention of trading on disagreements about the future of the Market House. In fact, our editorial leader column on this page last week took a stand in warning that the debate should NOT be allowed to descend into antagonism. We also suggested that a less intrusive option to a lift be considered. The Editor