I WRITE with the hope that all the recent 'news' concerning grass cutting and Love Ledbury has not diminished people's awareness of the continued roller-coaster that is Ledbury Places.

Has this little thing now been consigned to the footnotes of media acknowledgement, just another page five paragraph nestled beneath those uncollected grass cuttings?

Perhaps the Ledbury Reporter should be asking some difficult questions of Ledbury Places, such as why should the people of Ledbury trust the same people who have been unable to make buildings such as the Burgage Hall "self-sustaining" (despite numerous years of being in charge of them) to help run buildings that have never created an outcry over the public funding them.

Good luck to Dr Swinbourne discovering the number of requests for meetings to be moved from the Market House. I requested that information – along with any complaints regarding disabled access – and the reply was: "Ledbury Town Council do not hold that information".

Go figure that one out.

Colin Marschall