THERE was a well-attended and lively open meeting at Bosbury village hall last week called by the parish council.

Under discussion was a recent planning application from the Church Commissioners for a new housing estate to be built on a field that they own just south of Bosbury main street and west of Forge Bank.

The estate would be a modern circular layout with 46 houses of various sizes.

I and a number of villagers had serious concerns about the location and the number of houses proposed.

We do need more housing in the village, but developments which involved a smaller number of houses would be more easily absorbed into the community and put less strain on the infrastructure, in particular the drainage system and the roads.

Herefordshire Council has put all the details on its website (planning application ref. P/141550) and given us until July 18 to write in to the planning officer with our comments.

I would like to encourage all Bosbury residents to have their say about something that will affect our village in many ways.

The parish council has asked if we would send copies of our letters to the parish clerk and to our two Herefordshire ward councillors, Carl Attwood and Tony Jackson.

Details are given on the front page of parish council website at

Barry Sharples