WE went to the theatre in Malvern and were appalled to find that the two car parks next to the theatre now have a two-hour limit which seems to extend into the evening.

My husband has a blue badge, so parking has to be nearby.

There are only two disabled billets in the roadside parking near the theatre.

We can see the sense of limiting parking to two hours during the day, but surely this could be relaxed after 6 o'clock.

I stand to be corrected on this as the signs did not make it at all clear whether this restriction applied after six, but if it does it is sheer madness.

Does the council not want to encourage theatre patronage?

In our case as we live in Ledbury and there is no public transport to and from here which fits in with the theatre.

After 13 years of supporting the theatre, we will have to seriously consider not going again if this disastrous and mealy-mouthed policy remains in place.

Marlene Bell