I HAVE just seen your online item about a wind farm on the Welsh border.

I cannot understand how so many apparently sane people have been deluded into supporting this technology as the solution to our need to de-carbonise our production of electricity.

Since we have , as yet, not found a way to store surplus electricity production, we have to be able to generate our supply as it is needed.

This means that we have to have the means of power production on standby 24/7 for the moment it is needed. We have all heard about the surge in electricity demand when a particular event occurs and the Nation needs a cup of tea.

Wind-generated electricity depends upon the amount the wind is blowing and as we all know this varies from minute to hour to day.

Just when we need the most electricity, during winter, is the time when production is very unreliable because of the variability of the wind. Your readers can prove this for themselves by noting how strong is the wind at the moment.

Consumers are being forced to subsidise probably the most expensive and inefficient way to generate electricity when funds should be going to develop more reliable ways to supply our demands.

I know that politicians seem unable to recognise when things are turning out as expected and change course. But wind power it is a huge and costly mistake.

Chris Ridler