WITH regard to planning application P143028/F, proposed chicken units at Chances Pitch, concerning which you have recently published a report of a residents’ meeting, there is a leaflet being circulated around Ledbury.

It is anonymous, it contains fabricated information, it is rabble-rousing of the worst kind.

It is designed to appeal to uninformed imagination and would seem to be malicious.

Would it not be sensible for anyone with qualms about the proposal seek to inform themselves by asking to visit one of the existing local farms of a similar nature.

It is understandable that at first sight there should be instinctive fears by letting one’s imagination run free.

Please do not allow yourself to be misled by a Not In My Back Yard group who refuse to go and see for themselves.

We have properly trained and competent planning officials who will rigorously examine the planning proposals in all respects.

What I object to is the attempt to manipulate opinion by the use of uninformed, untrue statements being made anonymously.

JE & JS Jinks