IN response to JE and JS Jinks's comments about the leaflet circulating in Ledbury objecting to proposed poultry units in Chances Pitch, I would suggest they go to the Herefordshire Council website to see for themselves the significant volume of objections being lodged – all with names and addresses attached.

I would also like to point out that a number of the local residents have indeed visited existing poultry establishments and their neighbours!

This has, in fact, re-enforced all of our major concerns about this proposal.

Interestingly, what they object to "is the attempt to manipulate opinion by the use of uninformed, untrue statements".

What an apt and poignant statement to make. This is exactly what the local residents are objecting so strongly to – the manipulative and misleading information contained within the application and supporting documentation itself, and the lack of consultation with local residents.

Would they expect to find out about this 10 days after the application is valid? Are they so supportive of the "rigorous" planning process now?

It would be interesting to hear your comments if this was less than 200 metres from your home.

Tracy Elgar

Chances Pitch