I THINK your #VeryLedbury idea of focusing on and promoting local businesses in our town, which has a truly wonderful and thriving High Street, is to be applauded.

We locals must do what we can to support them and promote them to our connections outside the town.

To assist us in this, could that nice Mr Waller tell us the source of his parking permits that let his vehicles park for so long on yellow lines and block the town's traffic?

If I had a pound for every hour I was delayed by his obstructions, I would not need to be working, as I am, in my seventh decade.

I know he can answer my question, because on Christmas Eve many of his customers were there, and it was so kind of them to add to the town's Christmas decorations by putting their hazzard lights on.

Is that, perchance, a condition of the grant of their (temporary) parking permit?

Yours ever so slightly miffed.

David Ashcroft