EARLY in December last, on the eve of having two stents fitted at the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, I had quite a severe heart attack in the early hours of the morning.

In immediate response to a 999 call a young paramedic came to my rescue and an ambulance took me to the awaiting A & E department at Hereford Hospital.

Early next morning, on the day of my original appointment I was taken by ambulance from the Hereford Cardiology Department to the Q E soon to be fitted with not two but six stents.

As I approach my 88th birthday I would like to put on record, rather belatedly I am afraid, my deep sense of gratitude to everyone concerned as I slowly regain my strength, and as I resume again my regular walk along the bank of the nearby River Leadon.

The unknown paramedic, the ambulance staff concerned, the A & E staff and the cardiology departments at both hospitals.

I could not have wished for better car, expert treatment and attention, all provided freely by the NHS, and in answer to the many prayers of the Lord's people.