MY brother’s fiancée had a tyre blow-out outside the Full Pitcher, Ledbury.

Her car somersaulted off the road, rolled over and ended up down a bank on its side and badly smashed up.

She remained there for at least 20 minutes until a family member could come and help. Several vehicles witnessed the incident, had a good look, and carried on driving.

Not one person stopped to see if she was injured or worse. No one offered any help.

I am appalled by this total lack of human decency. Having recently moved back here after spending many years in the United States, I am deeply disappointed that my fellow countrymen apparently just couldn’t care less about someone in distress.

I’m sure that if this happens to someone in their families they would hope that someone would help.

Fortunately, she was not badly injured, but she said that the thing that hurt her the most of all was that while many people passed by and saw her, not one stopped to see if she was ok.

Hilary Benoit