HALO Leisure Ledbury should shortly make start on the extensive redevelopment of its gym and pool.

This to commence after completion of similar work at Ross, which is running late.

There has been little opportunity for the users of either facility in Ledbury to contribute ideas or to comment on the given proposals.

I would make the suggestion that what is needed is the creation of some sort of interface between customer and company where news, information and suggestions may travel both ways.

Halo, as a company, are against this suggestion.

Their response will be that such a facility already exists in the customer forum, which should meet twice a year.

The problem is that the customer forum has been abandoned and has not sat for something like three years, so effectively does not exist.

Also customer representatives have been chosen by the company and are then allowed only a limited time period to be a member.

There is another body, which is the board of trustees.

Halo have recently been lobbying customers by email looking for people to become members of the board of trustees.

But this exists to provide appropriate governance to Halo as a registered charity.

Since customers have been aware of the pending upgrading of our facility rumour has been rife and grumbles rumbled but there has been no focus.

One example of the discontent is the concept of the 'village' communal changing and shower area.

I have argued the point with Halo management that customers should have a voice and have been advised to mind my own business as the company is entitled to run things as they see fit.

I disagree with this way of looking at things.

My view is that Halo Ledbury is a community facility. We have paid for it and overall it is controlled by Herefordshire Council, who are our elected representatives.

My suggestion is that Halo Ledbury customers create a body which will be able to meet with Halo management for the mutual exchange of information and ideas.

Halo management, I forecast, will not be keen on the idea.

I have discussed this idea over time with Halo users who have been in favour of the idea.

One of our councillors, Clive Jupp, is very much in favour of the suggestion and will give active support.

If you wish to express a view or have any concrete ideas you may contact me at 01531 635899, email jj@jinksdy8.freeserve.co.uk, or write to the address below.

John Jinks

48 Oakland Drive