I WOULD like to draw attention to what I think is an accident blackspot – the A449 between the Eastnor turn (A438) and the entrance to the Upper Hall Estate.

There are several sharp bends here, and drivers are increasingly misjudging them and ending up in ditches, crashing through railings, or just losing control.

The bend at the junction of the main A449 and Cut Throat Lane is probably the worst – the once-pretty railings next to the field seem to be in a permanently mangled state from one vehicle after another crashing through them.

The road has a 60mph limit for cars, although you’d be struggling to get near that.

It’s about time that the speed limit around between Top Cross and the Eastnor turn was reduced to 40mph and new, more prominent signage installed to try and reduce the risks posed by the bends in the road here.

Edd Hogan