AS a member of the group which prepared the original, ground-breaking Ledbury Town Plan, I am appalled that having officially adopted this plan, Herefordshire Council is directly contravening its measures.

This action proves that the massive efforts involved in intensive and comprehensive consultation within the town, and with the town and county councils, can be completely disregarded.

This renders the current work on preparing a new Neighbourhood Plan a complete and utter waste of time, as, presumably, its recommendations will be liable to similar treatment.

With regard to Policy LB1: On the specific matter of development in Ledbury, the original wording said the number of new homes in Ledbury in the next 20 years would be about 800 new houses, whereas the new policy states “a minimum of 800 new homes”.

This seemingly minor change of wording has serious implications for the wellbeing of our lovely, successful and renowned market town.

If this outrageous plan goes ahead, the implications for residents in Wellington Heath, Bosbury and Cradley will be far-reaching, as they find their access to Ledbury and to Hereford severely compromised by the resulting traffic congestion on the Bromyard Road.

Mary Winfield