LEDBURY Community Day has reached new heights this year: more groups joining in with a great spread of events around the town and all its halls filled with stands.

The kind weather allowed the use of the Walled Garden for several groups to share the open green space.

The newly refurbished Masters House received more than 800 visitors, and Leadon Bank along with the Health Centre were among the new entrants to the day.

With more than 70 events spread over 20 sites, it is now difficult to miss.

So many of last year's groups presented again this year because they recognise how it raises their profiles with the people of Ledbury, whether recruiting in more volunteers or raising money for charity.

All this success is due to the many volunteers prepared to show up on Saturday and give their time freely to all of the residents who came out to take part on the day.

Through your columns, I wish to sincerely thank those who participated and gave us all a great celebration of our town.

The website www.ledburycommunityday.org.uk has a large selection of photos available to all.

Paul Kinnaird

Ledbury Community Day committee