I READ with disbelief the front page of the Ledbury Reporter (June 19).

Why does the Ledbury Reporter assume that Ledbury people are against the south development?

I along with many others believe the south of Ledbury to be the most logical area for housing, with easy access to the bypass, close links to the M50, no danger of flooding, and little danger of creating traffic congestion.

It would not cause disruption to the town while being developed, unlike all the problems that would arise due to Herefordshire Council's proposed housing estate to north of the Ledbury.

The land to the north was designated for industrial use, hence most of the industry is situated off the Bromyard road, including a fuel depot.

Building hundreds of houses squashed between the viaduct, the river and the back of the industrial estate with only one access onto the Bromyard road would create the largest cul-de-sac in the country and unprecedented traffic chaos.

It hope the Planning Inspectorate will use common sense and allow Gladman Developments' appeal for the south.

Yvonne White