AFTER reading the letters in the Gazette, I thought that the letter from Julian Roskams (July 10) needs answering.

It would seem that it has escaped Mr Roskams' attention that we as a nation are no longer the most powerful and one of the richest in the world.

While I fully sympathise with his charitable instincts, there comes a time when we have to say no more!

He suggests that we take in 12 families from Syria. Does he not realise that this would increase 10 fold in time when due to our open-border laws they would be able to invite their brothers and sisters and other relatives to join them.

As it is, this would increase pressure on all our services, which are already stretched to breaking point.

He also seems to have missed the point that this would also create a golden opportunity for all the terrorist faction operating in Syria to insert a number of said terrorists into this country as refugees.

Our security services cannot cope now, so why put more pressure on them?

Also our schools are full, our hospitals and doctors cannot cope.

While I admire Mr Roskams for his charity, is he going to accommodate some of these refugees in his own house? It is not his money he is spending!

Charity begins at home, and there are many needy families in our own small country.

Mike Charles