FURTHER to the letter from Richard Hadley (July 17), I have been looking through the profile of a parish councillor as defined by Herefordshire Association of Local Councils.

Their 16 bullet points cover subjects such as effective representation of your ward, active encouragement of communities, carrying out casework, contributing to formation of council policies etc.

There is a point on undertaking appropriate training and development to fulfil the requirements of the councillor role but nowhere does it mention a councillor must be computer literate to discharge duties effectively.

In fact, this could potentially disbar many potential councillors with much to offer.

I find the naming and shaming of specific councillors in the letter quite offensive and very unprofessional.

May I also point out that for those of us outside Ledbury the faster broadband promoted by Councillor Liz Harvey in 2011 is yet to materialise and opening large planning applications can be very time-consuming.

Christine Daniels