IT’S time for some joined-up thinking. Herefordshire Council has committed us to having no Hereford bypass; moreover only cycling and walking, regardless of age or infirmity, will be facilitated in the city.

What the council consistently fails to mention is that it has also committed us, without right of refusal, to a housing increase of nearly 17,000 new homes by 2031.

These are not intended for people currently living or working in the county. Instead, Coun David Hitchiner tells us in his introduction to the new Big Economic Plan, they will be occupied by newcomers “working from home” or “hybrid workers” attracted by Hereford’s proximity to Birmingham, Bristol and Cardiff.


So, by my calculation, unless all these 17,000 homes are within easy walking distance of Hereford train station and their 30,000+ adult occupants are young and fit, they will increase congestion on the county’s roads, especially around the city, by at least 20 per cent.

It will also bring little or no benefit to their local communities.


Meanwhile, thousands of acres of good agricultural land and green space will have been taken out of production or leisure use forever.

Is there any chance of a more coherent set of policies from whoever has control of the council after the local elections on May 4?


Lyonshall, near Kington

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